Garden Maintenance Services by Ayres Landscapes

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Water Conserving Lawn and Its Maintenance

Gardens can become very difficult to manage if they are not regularly attended to. Nowadays many people simply do not have time to ensure that their garden is always at its best.


Whether you require one off help or regular maintenance services, we can ensure that you can enjoy your garden without all the hard work that is normally involved to keep it looking beautiful.

Our General Garden Maintenance services cover:

  • Pruning.
  • Hedging – Reshaping, trimming and pruning.
  • Leaf Clearing.
  • Weed Control – Garden, Lawns, Paths and Driveways.
  • Watering.
  • Garden Tidy Ups.
  • Power Washing – Driveways etc.
  • Rubbish Removal.
  • One-off tidies.
  • General Maintenance.
  • Garden Clearance.

Seasonal Garden Maintenance

We offer garden maintenance programs to care for your landscape and provide seasonal plantings that have colorful possibilities! Our residential and commercial clients enjoy our lush and vibrant displays in pots, containers and annual planting beds. These can be transitioned to fall and winter…

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Spectacular and Inspiring Gardens By Ayres Landscapes

Spectacular and Inspiring Gardens By Ayres Landscapes In Chino

Water Conserving Lawn and Its Maintenance

Flower garden with strong colors

Ayres landscapes services has completed several sustainable, beautiful projects in the many years we have served in chino, Ontario, upland & Los Angeles. We aspire to make your vision for your outdoor living space a reality. Our commitment to quality products and outstanding service is paramount.

Our company provides weekly, monthly, and seasonal landscape maintenance to take care of your outdoor needs throughout the year. We also provide landscape construction to create spectacular and inspiring gardens, patios, water features, and outdoor living spaces. Our dedicated staff is able to construct any project you wish or help you design a personal, customized landscape that is uniquely you. We build landscapes designed for a lifetime.

Whether you are interested in landscape design and installation, maintenance services, or landscape services, we can help you create and maintain any garden you desire.

The Landscape Company’s quality, creativity and experience have enabled us to become…

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Recycled Water By Landscaping Company

Everyone know that nowadays, We live in a very environmentally conscious state and California is always trying to find new ways to conserve water, electricity, gas, and other natural elements that are always constantly dwindling in supply. One of the ways people can help is to use recycled water for their landscaping.

There are many questions that come with switching your water over to recycled water, and a good landscaping company should be able to answer those questions to your satisfaction. There are regulations that need to be followed during the switching out of regular water to recycled water as well. When selecting your landscaping companydefine-dringking-water, remember to ask of these regulations, and if they are unable to give a correct response, selecting another landscaping company is imperative. Regulations vary on a city by city basis, so it may be best to have a local company come and survey the area.

Recycled water has the benefit of having additional nutrients already in the water. There are some things that need to be considered when using recycled water, such as there being too many nutrients in the soil already. A great landscaping company will take that into consideration before advising you on how much fertilizer should be used in conjunction with your new recycling system. By doing so, it can increase your plant growth, and save you even more money in the long run.


Design Build Company Beverly Hills

Building Design & Structural Engineering

Building construction is an old human activity. It started with purely functional requirement to moderate the wheater changes. Ewwebb provides all services related to building design and structural engineering. It provides services about various types of properties like residential, commercial, industrial and so on.

Buildings are the best shelter for human being by which they become able to adapt themselves in changing climate. These human shelter were simple at first, with the time the needs of a man change. Along with needs the taste and life style also change. Ewwebb offers a large variety of Residential Construction services. It provides you the best services from a single family home to large building apartments. From start to end, it will support you in design of new home and will offer best services in all way.

In today’s world, building construction has become an important part of industrial culture. There…

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Drip Irrigation System

California is in the middle of one of the largest droughts it has seen in years, and as such, people are being asked to conserve water in any way possible to avoid rationing. Since Californians love having a lush, green lawn, this is posing a problem for millions of homeowners all over, as many are unable to water the way they have been used to in the past.

Drip irrigation is a cost effective way to prepare a new outdoor sanctuary in the midst of the water shortage. There is less fertilizer and nutrients to be bought, as the irrigation system is localized and tearing up the soil is Minimum. Weed growth is much less, and the type of soil is not as important as with other irrigation systems.
There are some disadvantages to drip irrigation that must be considered before being installed. The startup cost can occasionally cost more than an overhead system. As with all things that happen when exposed to the harsh California sun, if the tubes are not properly taken care of, it can affect the longevity as well as clogging. Drip tape can cause extra cleanup costs afterwards as well.
As with all initial investments in properties, it is best to find a qualified landscaping company to come assess the garden’s needs. It can prevent future money and labor costs, as well as finding what will work best for the area. Water conservation is important to everyone, and having the right drip system can assist with that as well.
Not all California terrain is the same, so it is important to have a qualified landscape company come do an accurate assessment of the property to ensure that the right system is utilized. After all, saving water is important to everyone, and so is maintaining a beautiful yard.


landscaping bakersfield california

Landscaper Bakersfield CA

Landscaping bakersfield california

landscaping bakersfield california

Using new landscaping or helping to make improvements to existing features is mostly a major financial investment. There is great potential to increase the value of your house and to create a lot more enjoyable outdoor environment for yourself and your family to spend time within, so it’s important to choose the right company for the career.

Scope of the Position

The first step locating a landscape contractor is always to determine what your goals are. Most contractors specify in certain areas, so it pays to look for one that is an expert in tips to have done. Some tend to be hardscape specialists, focusing concerning building decks, patios, driveways, fencing, and retaining walls. Others are focused more on the plantscape and may specify in lawns, Japanese gardens, edible gardens or many other garden styles. You will be know what you prefer, start by hiring some sort…

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Residential Landscape Upland Ayres – Recycled Water Services

Ayres Landscape is devoted to giving services  to our clients that is the most useful to them, and additionally the earth we live in. We have been doing business for more than 35 years and have fifteen years of involvement with introducing, retrofitting, and upkeep for reused water ventures. Ayres Landscape’s administration group is additionally dedicated to advancing their instruction on the topic of reused water use through preparing and workshops classes.


With the developing interest for water in Southern California changing from customary water use to reused water utilize, we will help give a more solid neighborhood water supply. All non-consumable purposes, for example, scene water system, agribusiness water system, development, and mechanical cooling can be utilized for reused water utilize. The Inland Empire Utilities Agency is responsible for the city of Chino’s water services, and they are ardent supporters of utilizing reused water. They are committed to offering protected, clean, and dry season verification water to every one of the individuals who utilize reused water. They will probably support however many individuals as would be prudent to utilize reused water assets for useful purposes keeping in mind the end goal to save water inside the Chino Basin and decrease the reliance on imported water..

It is likewise our objective here at Ayres Landscape to not just ration water for the general population in Southern California, however to likewise ensure that you, our esteemed client, is profiting and happy with changing from normal water to reused water. Not exclusively will you be saving water for Southern California, however by changing to reused water you are helping your plants to become more beneficial and live more. Reused water contains supplements that go about as manure prefer properties, which replaces lost soil supplements and expands plant development.

Save Water & Time With A Xeriscape Garden

If you have a beautiful yard does not have to mean using a lot of water. Xeriscaping is a landscaping service for garden and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Xeriscaping is a totally different from natural landscaping, because the emphasis in xeriscaping is on selection of plants for water conservation, not necessarily selecting native plants.

Xeriscape Waterwise Landscape Design

Even though we’ve had some recent rain the current drought situation California will put additional financial burdens on your monthly water bill.  Most experts agree that you can cut your water bill by 30% after completing a xeriscape landscaping project. In addition, you reduce your time doing maintenance and this will allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Check with your local governments to see if there are any rebate programs before you start your xeriscape landscape project.

Scientists are now predicting that the southwest region of the United States will undergo 35 more years of drought. With efficient landscape design, it is possible to reduce significantly the amount of water used by 40 to 60%.

Your landscape transformation can include the proper utilizing of irrigation systems that strategically reduce water consumption.  Planning where plants are grouped by “hydro-zoning” and using rock and mulch as a way…

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Here is the list of Los Angels landscaping companies rated by the Los Angeles and Ayres landscape provide residential and commercial services.


Lawn Pro’s can handle the design and installation of your new landscape. Services include property maintenance, full custom design/build landscaping, fire mitigation, snow removal, and more! We are dedicated to providing professional, dependable service at a reasonable price.

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