Commercial Landscape Contractor Upland


There are many different ways to maximize water usage for lawn maintenance these days, especially in drought filled California. Most people assume that in order to have a beautiful lawn and garden, they must use extensive water techniques, but this is not the case. We now live in an era of innovative thinkers who have found ways that you can still maintain a extensive garden, yet not have to pay up the nose when the water bill comes.

One such way of maintaining a water conserving lawn, is known as “Xeriscape”. In effect, it means “dry” scape. It has several ways to benefit the environment, as well as lower the household water bill, decrease landfill waste, and reduce labor and maintenance costs. Seeing as how most everyone likes to have something that looks high end showcasing their yard, yet not have to pay for a high end up-keep, this Xeriscape technique is rapidly becoming a favorite for many homeowners.

Through proper planning and design, the household landscape can serve as both eye catching, and efficient, yet also increase the value of the home. Many people desire low maintenance properties, yet it is only recently that such techniques as Xeriscape came to be known to the public. Ask a professional landscape company to come out and give an estimate for what something like this would cost and also if this is the right type of landscape for the area. If they are unable to answer your questions about cost and any other questions that you may have, they probably are not experienced in this field.

Landscape design should take into consideration many conditions before planting begins. Most of the general public has no knowledge of these aspects, such as soil conditions, “native” plant selections, and which shrubs, trees or plants require more fertilizer, water, and care. Professional landscapers are more than willing to assist in the selection of what is most efficient and what would look stunning in the home’s landscaping needs. There are many companies who claim to be able to utilize this type of landscape, but it is imperative to do research. There may need to be soil testing done to see if it can support Xeriscape. It is not wise to simply go with whoever gives the best estimate. Ask for referrals, and to see finished projects. Seeing as how you are going to be investing a fair share of money into this project, you want it done right. There is nothing worse than paying for something that doesn’t last like how you expect it to. In the long run, doing research will save much time and money. No more will one dread opening the water bill.



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