Residential Landscaper Upland | Landscaping Contractors Ontario

Ayres Landscape Services first began in the year 1978 with Bruce A. Ayres the owner, operator, and leader of all landscaping projects. Bruce first began mowing lawns in order to pay his way through college and soon found that he had a love and passion for plants and landscaping that he decided he wanted to expand his little lawn mowing services into a company that provides landscape design and contracting for residential and commercial properties all over southern California. Bruce then got his contractor’s license and took classes to become an expert on all plants, trees, irrigation installation, pest control, and Eco-friendly ways to provide all his future customers with the best quality landscaping.

Once Bruce finished all of his schooling to get licensed and trained on all the aspects that landscaping and contracting entail, Ayres Landscape Services began. Bruce knowledgeable and well trained on landscape designing, renovation, installation of all irrigation and sprinkler systems, maintaining yards so they stay healthy and beautiful all year round, and able to provide ways of water saving and eco- friendly ways to keep your yard up to your standards. Not only is Bruce highly educated in the landscaping business, but he also has years and years of experience of working in the field. Bruce may be the owner of Ayres Landscape Services and has his crew members go out on jobs to do the work, but Bruce has put plenty of years in working out in the field himself. He knows all the ups and downs of landscaping and can educate any customer with any questions or concerns regarding their property.

Here at Ayres Landscape we are committed to offering low-maintenance, water-wise, eco-friendly and beautiful landscape designs to all of our commercial and residential customers with the best of quality at competitive prices. As the years have progressed our source of water has slowly declined, and our goal at Ayres Landscape in order to conserve water is to educate our customers on how they can help to conserve water. To conserve water customers can switch from regular water use to recycled water use for all landscaping and irrigation of the property which Ayres Landscape is fully trained and equipped for installing. Another way to conserve water is called Xeriscaping, which is designing your yard with plants that require minimal amounts of water throughout the year. To find out more information on Recycled Water use and Xeriscaping look under the heading Water Conservation which is located at the top of the page. Conserving water for our nation is a major and key goal here at Ayres Landscape so please allow us to help you make the switch to water conservative landscaping. Residential Landscaper Upland | Landscaping Contractors Ontario


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