Landscaping and its benefits

Ah! What a beautiful garden? This would be the spontaneous reaction when you cross a house with a beautifully landscaped front garden.

There were times when people thought landscaping was little more than land moving, weeding and planting. Over the period of time, landscaping has acquired new dimensions by adding a whole lot of value to your home in terms of living space and improved lifestyles.


Many people do their own Landscape service. Most of them are unable to comprehend the effect of weather and season on the variety of plants and shrubs suitable for any area. Most people, therefore, end up re-doing the parts time and again in trying to create the right look. As a result, landscaping effort becomes a nightmare for them. This is where the role of a landscaping professional comes in. A good landscape designer can be extremely helpful by keeping all such considerations in mind. He would help you achieve desired results in creating a fancy outdoor, a beautiful patio, or a magnificent recreation area for your children.
There can be several ways to create a beautiful and cutting edge landscape from alluring fences, classy porches, to having an elegant patio. It is often seen that homeowners scramble to install large private fences where picket fences are better option for privacy and protection of inside plantation. We agree that use of traditional picket fences need regular maintenance,   but the effort is worth its value. It gives wonderful look to the house and wonderful compliments to the owner from neighbors.

Having a beautiful landscape will always provide the urge to have outdoor entertainment. With stunning landscape and good weather, cooking and enjoying outside with family and friends would always be an unforgettable experience.

It is a wrong notion that landscaping cost is a big expense. Professionals can work within your budget and help you in implementing the landscape in stages spread over a period of time. One must also consider landscaping as an investment as it enhances the value of the property. Studies by Florida Growers and Nursery Association give some strong indications:

•    Landscaping can add up to 14 percent to the resale value of a property.
•    Landscaping can reduce the time a home stays on the market by as much as six weeks.
•    Landscaped patios can raise property values by as much as 12.6 percent.
•    A 5 percent investment in landscaping can raise the value of a home by 15 percent – a net 150 percent return on your investment.


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