Commercial Landscaping Services to Keep Your Property Looking its Best!

Commercial Landscaping Services to Keep Your Property Looking Its Best!

Your landscaping provides customers with a first impression of your business. At Ayres landscapes, we understand how important it is to wow them from the outside in. That’s why our approach to commercial landscape design and maintenance is more comprehensive than most. We go far beyond the basics of landscape maintenance and lawn mowing. Our horticulturists and lawn & garden professionals are trained to know the proper plants, shrubs, and trees for every type of soil and climate. It’s how we keep our clients’ properties looking their natural best throughout all four seasons.


Nationwide Landscape Maintenance for All Your Location

Since we maintain facilities in every nationwide time zone, there isn’t a commercial landscaping challenge we haven’t faced. We’re equally comfortable with tree care of palm trees and pine trees.

Seasonal programs: To ensure that each property looks its vibrant best in every season, we begin with a thorough spring cleanup, including sprucing up mulch areas. We then move to weekly services as the “high maintenance” warmer months take hold – this includes lawn mowing, weeding, flower maintenance, and debris pick-up, along with regular fertilizing, aerating, pruning, and insect/disease control. We finish the season with fall cleanup, cutting perennials back and preparing your property for winter. With a seasonal Ayres land plan in place, you don’t have to worry about scheduling visits. Your landscape maintenance just “happens” so you can focus on other areas of your business.

True full-service commercial landscaping: Ayres Land is not merely a lawn-mowing service. We make it our business to visit sites ahead of each season, identify unique needs and situations and working with you to optimize the health and aesthetics of your grounds. We’ll even e-mail or text you to keep you alerted to potential problems or important landscaping updates.Embark-Residential-Landscape

Ayres Land takes green initiatives seriously. Issues such as water usage and organic plans have taken on prime importance for our clients. One way we’ve helped our clients conserve water and money is by retrofitting irrigation systems with up to 50% more efficient, sensor-triggered sprinkler heads. How can we help your company save more green?

Cost-Saving Landscape-Maintenance Options

We help clients reduce landscaping costs with advanced planning. Green initiatives as well as the efficient use of space, plants, water, and maintenance materials are all key contributors to cost savings. Our four-season landscape

Maintenance plans are a cost-efficient solution for keeping your properties looking great year round.

Seasonal Special

  • Weekly Cutting
  • Edging
  • Trimming
  • Weeding
  • Mowing Quarterly
  • Fertilizer Mulching
  • Seasonal Planting

What can we do for you?

Request a quote now or call 1-800-559-5080 for more information.


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