9 Garden Design Ideas to Try at your Home

Ayres Landscapes Services recently released a list of trends popular in gardens right now. Check them out to keep up with the latest in outdoor design.

  • First on the list is fire and water. Ideas include spicing up your pool by incorporating fire bowls or for smaller spaces, installing a water and fire feature combined into one.
  • The next trend is hi-tech gardens, specifically ones controlled by smart phones or tablets. The ability to turn fire pits, fountains and more on or off with a tap of a finger is appealing to many.
  • Third is black fencing. If at first this color choice may seem odd, check out the examples provided on Landscaping Network and you’ll see why this is catching on.
  • Next on the list are gardens that incorporate splashes of color. Easy ways to add color include painting a garden gate, using bright mosaic tiles and incorporating colorful furniture cushions. Popular colors are purple, red, pink, yellow and blue.
  • The fifth trend listed is the use of Mexican beach pebbles in place of mulch. Reasons for their rise in popularity are that they are attractive, low-maintenance, and permeable.
  • While they have been popular for many years, Adirondack chairs appear next on the list. The trend today is to update these chairs with a modern design or by painting them a vivid color.
  • Not surprisingly, succulents made the list. This trend has been going strong for a few years now and is still gaining steam. Succulents are popular in containers and tucked amongst paving to add color and interest.
  • Another plant trend that’s been showing up in many gardens is the use of ornamental grasses. With a variety of textures, colors and growing habits, ornamental grasses can be used in nearly any style garden.
  • The final trend listed is natural gardens. With the recent interest in sustainability, many people are selecting native plants and replacing their lawns with meadow-like designs.9front-yard-native-meadow

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