Drip irrigation by Ayres Landscapes

California is in the middle of one of the largest droughts it has seen in years, and as such, people are being asked to conserve water in any way possible to avoid rationing. Since Californians love having a lush, green lawn, this is posing a problem for millions of homeowners all over, as many are unable to water the way they have been used to in the past.


Drip irrigation is a cost effective way to prepare a new outdoor sanctuary in the midst of the water shortage. There is less fertilizer and nutrients to be bought, as the irrigation system is localized and tearing up the soil is Minimum. Weed growth is much less, and the type of soil is not as important as with other irrigation systems.

There are some disadvantages to drip irrigation that must be considered before being installed. The start up cost can occasionally cost more than an overhead system. As with all things that happen when exposed to the harsh California sun, if the tubes are not properly taken care of, it can affect the longevity as well as clogging. Drip tape can cause extra cleanup costs afterwards as well.


As with all initial investments in properties, it is best to find a qualified landscaping company to come assess the garden’s needs. It can prevent future money and labor costs, as well as finding what will work best for the area. Water conservation is important to everyone, and having the right drip system can assist with that as well.

Not all California terrain is the same, so it is important to have a qualified landscape company come do an accurate assessment of the property to ensure that the right system is utilized. After all, saving water is important to everyone, and so is maintaining a beautiful yard.


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