What is recycled water?


Recycled water is treated wastewater which is further treated so it is ‘fit for purpose’ for its intended use. It can then be used for a range of purposes like:

  • irrigation of sports grounds, golf courses and public open spaces
  • industrial processing
  • replenishing our groundwater
  • toilet flushing/clothes washing/garden watering
  • maint aining wetlands or other environmental purposes
  • irrigation of food crops
  • irrigation of non-food crops (e.g.: trees, woodlots, turf, flowers)
  • Construction/dust suppression.

We live in a very environmentally conscious state. California is always trying to find new ways to conserve water, electricity, gas, and other natural elements that are always constantly dwindling in supply. One of the ways people can help is to use recycled water for their landscaping.

Recycled water has the benefit of having additional nutrients already in the water. There are some things that need to be considered when using recycled water, such as there being too many nutrients in the soil already. A great landscaping company will take that into consideration before advising you on how much fertilizer should be used in conjunction with your new recycling system. By doing so, it can increase your plant growth, and save you even more money in the long run.

There are many questions that come with switching your water over to recycled water, and a good landscaping company should be able to answer those questions to your satisfaction. There are regulations that need to be followed during the switching out of regular water to recycled water as well. When selecting your landscaping company, remember to ask of these regulations, and if they are unable to give a correct response, selecting another landscaping company is imperative. Regulations vary on a city by city basis, so it may be best to have a local company come and survey the area.


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