Lawn Maintenance Service by Ayres Landscape Inc in California


At Ayres Landscape, we specialize in commercial and residential landscape maintenance. We provide best customized lawn care services in California. We can make your lawn look attractive, green and luxuriant. Our dedicated trained staff can enhance the overall health of your lawn or site and use latest lawn equipment that is very well organized. We take gratification in delivering high quality results to our new and old clients.

Our Lawn Care Services:

Lawn Mowing (Quarterly): We mow lawn and provide reliable scheduled services on very reasonable cost. Our lawn mowing services include the following:

  • Complete clean up of the site
  • Blowing grass off sidewalk and trim all edging
  • Brush cutting
  • Weed spraying
  • Apply appropriate fertilizers

We also have latest lawn moving equipment which is well-organized to ensure that client lawns look their very best every time.

Sidewalk Edging and Mulching: Every lawn can benefit from time to time edging and mulching. We will give you clean edge services by using our professional machines which will ensure the best and reliable results. Our service edges all turf areas next to sidewalks, walkways and street curbs.

Shrub-bed Maintenance

This maintenance service includes the following programs to enhance natural beauty of any landscape.


  • Treating for insects and diseases
  • Leaf and debris removal from beds
  • Weeds removal and management
  • Nutrient management of beds & trees
  • Clipping and shaping of shrubs and plants
  • Replacement shrubs planted

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