Ideas Residential And Commercial Landscaping

Residential Landscaping in California

Climate in Southern California is most suited for outdoor living. The summers are just warm and winters just mild, and together they afford you an excellent opportunity to enjoy outdoor living year-round. Going to beaches or community pools can always be an option, but having your own outdoor living space would always be a bright idea.
We can take your residential property to the next level and make it the ultimate space to relax or party in your backyard. You can extend your living place with the help of our landscaping professionals. We are a leading company in the field of landscape services and pride to serve the people of Chino and other surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of landscaping services, from maintaining lawns, planting shrubs & trees, garden installation as well as hardscaping services.

Commercial Landscaping in California

Ayres Landscape Services Inc. offers landscaping services to commercial business owners in Chino. We love working with business owners and help them improve their landscape to make a great first impression on customers – because of that first impression, major accomplishments are achieved. When you team up with us, we will be by your side to go over materials and offer you recommendations with your branding in mind. We offer a wide range of commercial landscaping services including landscape design, place-making, and architectural lighting.
Once we identify the purpose that your landscape must serve, we apply our expertise and suggest the best theme for the property. However, the fact that your budget is very important is never lost to us and we always execute the project within the given budget.
Residential and Commercial Landscaping Ideas

•    Vanishing edge swimming pool design
•    Selecting plants for Southern California’s Mediterranean climate
•    Using low-voltage lighting to illuminate your landscape
•    How to address driveway drainage in a unique and natural fashion
•    Creating colorful mosaic walls in your garden
•    Having a custom metal patio cover installed
•    Enhancing the privacy of a front courtyard
•    What water-wise groundcover to grow amongst paving
•    How to take advantage of a hillside
•    Creating the look of a Spanish Hacienda in your backyard
•    Dividing a large yard into distinct outdoor rooms
•    Making good use of a side yard with a bocce ball court
•    Positioning a basketball court so that the sun won’t be in your eyes
•    What materials to use for a modern pool deck
•    Incorporating built-in seating into your landscape
•    Using permeable paving to reduce runoff
•    Installing a custom spa in a small yard
•    Removing your lawn to cut back on water use
•    What colors, décor, materials, plants and fabrics are best for a Modern garden
•    How to design a mid-century modern garden
•    Using your front yard as an outdoor living space
•    What colors, décor, materials, plants and fabrics are best for a Mediterranean-style garden
•    How to create shade in a sunny yard
•    What plants grow best in direct sunlight
•    Protecting your home from wildfires with fire-resistant landscaping
•    Creating a colorful, low water garden
•    Which plants grow best around a swimming pool


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