Emotion-Free Abortion Arguments


The argument [for abortion] is remarkably straightforward and emotion-free. (John Zande on Random Thoughts)

Makagutu links to a very interesting article in his post On Abortion, which has numerous examples of anti-abortion women believing there is a moral argument for their own abortion, but not for any other women. It’s an eye-opening piece that reveals the complexities of individual lives, and the difficult decisions that almost all women have to consider at some point in their lives.

Whether because of rape, error, faulty contraception, poverty, physical complications, or simply sexual excitement over-riding logic, there must be few women in the world who haven’t had to ponder what on earth they will do if their next period doesn’t arrive. And whether they believe it’s generally ‘moral’ or not, termination is, and always has been, a main option on the table.

But imagine my surprise when I scrolled through the comments and…

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